Taking control of your life (are you behaving like the dolphin or the bottle in your life?)

This video by RWS (Rooms with Style) is suitable for established and start up doctors. In this video we look at the analogy of the bottle or the dolphin. Are you a bottle that is thrown around by its environment or are you a dolphin that rides with the wave and controls what they can. Caroline Chaplin from RWS (Rooms with Style) challenges you to consider this analogy. If you are being a ‘bottle’ you are at the mercy of others around you. If you are a dolphin you are prepared for rough seas but you ride with the waves and take control where you can. ‘Dolphins’ perform better in private practice and tend to have happier, more balanced personal lives!

Caroline Chaplin from RWS (Rooms with Style) also discusses the mentoring service she offers for doctors.

*As always, all in this PODMD podcast is intended for health professionals and the comments are of a general nature. Information given is not intended as specific medical advice pertaining to any given patient. If you have a clinical issue with one of your patients please seek appropriate advice from a colleague with expertise in the area.