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PodMD Needs Your Support

…to make a podcast or suggest a topic

There are two ways you can assist PodMD – make a podcast or suggest topics. It is our vision that PodMD could become the ‘Wikipedia’ of medical specialist knowledge, but we can’t achieve this without you.

Our aim is to promote better communication and information sharing and strengthen relationships to foster a positive, supportive and collegiate environment amongst doctors.

By producing a podcast, you’ll be sharing your expertise and insights as a specialist in your given field for the benefit of others. By suggesting topics we can ensure podcasts created are meeting the needs of our audience.

Making a Podcast

Recording a podcast with RWS is a very simple and straightforward process.

Our team will work with you to developing a draft discussion guide, covering key areas.

Allow one hour for the recording session – which is held either in person in Camberwell, or virtually via ZOOM. That is the only time we need from you.

We then move forward into the production phase – our sound engineers ensure the podcast is of good quality.

We regularly consult with our GP/Specialist advisory team who work with us to approve podcast topics suggested by doctors.

To find out more about making a podcast for PodMD, click here and one of our team will be in touch to take you through the simple process.

Referrer Marketing Opportunities for Specialists – Is there a topic within your expertise that you feel is poorly understood generally, and warrants wider exposure? This perception is quite common in the profession and seems to relate to the sheer volume of medical/scientific information we come across. Podcasting is an ideal way for you to contribute your knowledge and expertise and to help colleagues keep abreast of important new information.

Suggest a Podcast Topic

Make a pod

New Podcasts are continually being added to the PodMD library.

To suggest topics send us an email. Suggestions are then sent to Dr Mackay and our team of advisors for approval.