Limiting beliefs – are they holding you back?

This video by RWS (Rooms with Style) is suitable for established and start up doctors. In this video we look at how self-limiting or useless beliefs hold us back in our personal and practice lives. By the time we are 7 years old beliefs are set. This can be called a confirmational bias – as we go through life we look for evidence to support beliefs we established early on in life. For example your father may have been a surgeon working long hours, so you may have established a belief that this is what you must do. This video by RWS (Rooms with Style) asks you to challenge this thinking – are your beliefs useful or useless (self-limiting)? Self-limiting beliefs will impede your practice success! We need to ask the question, “Is this belief serving me in my life?”

Caroline Chaplin from RWS (Rooms with Style) also discusses the mentoring service she offers for doctors.

*As always, all in this PODMD podcast is intended for health professionals and the comments are of a general nature. Information given is not intended as specific medical advice pertaining to any given patient. If you have a clinical issue with one of your patients please seek appropriate advice from a colleague with expertise in the area.