Obtaining finance for your practice and structuring your loans

In this podcast, Kimsor Pan from DPM Financial Services gives us an insight into the process of obtaining finance for your practice and structuring your loans, including how to apply for a business loan, the key factors to consider when choosing a lender, the steps in refinancing a loan and much more

This podcast is brought to you by DPM Financial Services, DPM is a specialist medical financial advice firm that aims to educate doctors of Australia to make the right financial decisions and achieve their financial goals.

DPM Financial Services is all about you getting the right advice that suits your personal and professional needs and making sure you have confidence in your financial future.

You can get in touch with DPM at hello@dpm.com.au or by calling 1800 031 039

*As always, all in this PODMD podcast is intended for health professionals and the comments are of a general nature. Information given is not intended as specific medical advice pertaining to any given patient. If you have a clinical issue with one of your patients please seek appropriate advice from a colleague with expertise in the area.