Building, permits and signage for doctor’s rooms

In this video RWS (Rooms with Style) discusses the permits you will need to open a medical practice. It is suitable for both established and start-up doctors. We cover signage, planning (permitted use) and building permits. Signage permits need to be submitted as early as possible and you will need to provide a drawing detailing materials, size, position, fonts, illumination, colours and fonts. We also explore what is required to attain a planning and building permit. RWS (Rooms with Style) also ensures you understand the differences between the permit types and how you may inadvertently void a planning permit at the building or renovation stage. Pre-application meetings are also discussed and what other council requirements may need to be considered such as traffic reports, arborist reports and car-parking. RWS (Rooms with Style) gives some valuable tips for doctors to fast track these processes.

This information included in these videos and podcasts is general in nature. RWS (Rooms with Style) recommends you obtain specific advice concerning specific matters before making a decision.

*As always, all in this PODMD podcast is intended for health professionals and the comments are of a general nature. Information given is not intended as specific medical advice pertaining to any given patient. If you have a clinical issue with one of your patients please seek appropriate advice from a colleague with expertise in the area.