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Trisynia is built on the foundation of three existing IT Service providers, Microresponse (est. 1991), CED IT (est. 1993) and Bluefly IT Solutions (est. 2003). Together, Trisynia have established a dynamic new firm that focuses on contemporary business technology solutions. Headquartered in South Melbourne, Trisynia also has a presence in Sydney and Brisbane, enabling us to directly engage with the Australian east coast. They also have clients in the New Zealand cities of Auckland and Wellington.

Trisynia provides specialist support to more than one hundred medical practices in Melbourne and Sydney. Their medical support and infrastructure teams work seamlessly to bring our customers the best possible outcome.

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Establishing IT systems in a new practice

In this episode of PodMD, David Martin from Trisynia will be discussing the establishment of an IT system in a new practice, including the time it takes to establish a new system, the importance of planning, deciding on a location, the types of internet available, the types of equipment to use and much more. This… Read more »