Author: PodMD


PodMD is a medical knowledge-sharing initiative that gives listeners direct access to informative and up-to-date podcasts by medical professionals. It’s a long standing tradition in medicine for doctors to ask colleagues, who are experts in a field, for advice. This is generally brought back to an individual scenario they are currently dealing with. Traditionally from there the doctor will take things forward for the patient on the basis of that additional advice.


Medical Legal advice in response to COVID-19

Finally, in this initial coronavirus advice rollout, RWS have Josh Flett from Fletcher Clarendon lawyers on with general guidance about how to best deal with COVID-19 within your business. Fletcher Clarendon is a boutique firm with a highly accomplished team, perfectly poised to offer the right balance: whatever your requirements. To contact Josh you can… Read more »

Medical Insurance Advice during the COVID-19 outbreak

In our current circumstances with coronavirus dictating a lot of our actions- RWS has Peter Morrow, the director of Plus61 on a podcast to break down the implications. Plus61 Insurance works with medical professionals in private practice to assist them with their business insurance requirements. Helping you understand the risks, put the right covers in… Read more »