Author: Mr Rajesh Singh

Mr Rajesh Singh

Mr Rajesh Singh is an experienced General Surgeon providing care at Hollywood Private Hospital and Mount Private Hospital. Mr Singh can treat all patients in the realm of General Surgery and has a special interest in hernia repair and acute surgery.

Mr Singh completed his General Surgery training in Western Australia as a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. Following this, he moved to the Northern Territory and worked as a consultant General surgeon at Alice Springs Hospital. This role gave him the unique opportunity to manage complex cases with a specific focus on emergency surgery.

Mr Singh is highly skilled in all areas of General Surgery including laparoscopic surgery and always utilises the latest techniques. He also has the flexibility to provide emergency surgeries including appendectomy, abscess drainage, perianal hematoma, painful haemorrhoids, and biliary colic due to gallstones and cholecystitis.

Rajesh prides himself on his communication skills with patients and their referrers throughout their entire treatment pathway and adopts a holistic point of view to create a tailored treatment plan for each patient. For the convenience of your patients and their families, Rajesh can provide consultations in Hindi or English if they prefer.

Anal fissures

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