Author: Dr Suzanne Rea

Dr Suzanne Rea

Dr Suzanne Rea is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon at Fiona Stanley Hospital and Perth Childrens Hospital, and a clinician scientist with a special interest in burn surgery and scar treatment.

Dr Rea completed her undergraduate Bachelor of Medicine, Surgery & Obstetrics through the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland and obtained her fellowship in Plastic Surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons. After relocating to Western Australia, she completed a fellowship in Burns Surgery under the supervision of Professor Fiona Wood. Suzanne was awarded her fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in the specialty of plastic and reconstructive surgery in 2014. She was awarded a doctorate by research (PhD) for her research performed at the University of Western Australia. Her research has won awards from the American Burns Association and the Australian New Zealand Burns Association.

Suzanne has worked in Western Australia as a Specialist Paediatric and Adult Acute and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon for 20 Years. She understands the physical, functional and psychological consequences of scarring and is passionate about helping patients improve their health post-trauma. She prides herself on her ability to put patients at ease during what can be a distressing and significant time in their lives.

Dr Rea’s areas of special interest include (adult & paediatric): Burn treatment, Laser treatment, Scarring, Keloid scarring, Trauma

Suzanne is strongly involved with the Fiona Wood Foundation’s scientific and burns-related research program, with the primary goal of advancing our understanding and treatment of wound scars. She aims to see the Foundation evolve to be a world leader in holistic burn care, focusing on patient survival as well as the quality of life post-injury.

Dr Rea initiated and established the laser service at both the adult and paediatric burn units in Perth. In her roles as Consultant Surgeon at the public hospitals and Associate Professor at UWA, she is integrally involved in research projects and has published important clinical trials examining the use of laser treatment.

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