Author: Dr Suren Jayaweera

Dr Suren Jayaweera is an experienced Endocrine and General Surgeon with surgical interests in benign and malignant disease of the thyroid and parathyroid glands, endoscopic thyroid surgery and workup and management of adrenal disease. Suren also has a special interest in paediatric endocrine surgery and is the head of paediatric endocrine surgery at Monash Children's Hospital. Dr Jayaweera was the first surgeon in Melbourne to perform trans-oral endoscopic thyroid surgery, an advanced technique that allows the thyroid gland to be removed without leaving any visible scars on the neck. Suren is a graduate of Monash University (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, 2000) and has been a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons since 2009. Following the completion of his post-graduate surgical training, Suren undertook an additional two years of formal specialist fellowship training in endocrine surgery at both the Austin and Western General hospitals. In addition to his local experience, Suren has pursued further post-graduate training opportunities in endocrine surgery internationally. He has spent time with the endocrine surgery unit at the world-renowned Mount Sinai Medical Centre in New York. In Colombo, he gained experience in managing significantly advanced thyroid disease, rarely seen in developed countries. In Hanoi and Bangkok Suren undertook training in the endoscopic trans-axillary and transoral thyroidectomy. Suren is passionate about community and travels to Sri Lanka regularly with projectBEAP, a medical charity currently building and equipping a trauma centre on the east coast, in a region affected by the Boxing Day tsunami. Outside of medicine, he is a classically-trained flautist and jazz saxophonist, and he can be found at the MCG on winter weekends supporting his beloved Hawks.

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