Author: Dr Nick Lolatgis

Dr Nick Lolatgis

Dr Nicholas Lolatgis is an obstetrician and gynaecologist and founder of CIS – Centre for Infertility Solutions in Melbourne.

Dr Lolatgis has played a leading role in many of the pioneering developments in women's health care; and today, is acknowledged as a world authority on devising and implementing advanced strategies for improving the success of treating all male and female infertility problems.

Under his leadership and care, the Centre for Infertility Solutions (CIS) is now providing all couples with a highly personalised and pro-active approach to overcoming difficulties with conceiving and successfully completing a pregnancy ~ through combining both Immunological and IVF avenues of treatment.

The Pathway To IVF

In this episode of PodMD, experienced infertility specialist, IVF pioneer and founder of the Centre For Infertility Solutions, Dr Nick Lolatgis discusses the pathway to IVF.