About us

About Us

PodMD creates medical podcasts by doctors for doctors. It is a joint initiative between Dr Sean Mackay, (Melbourne-based surgeon) and Caroline Chaplin, (Director of RWS, a management company assisting doctors in private practice across Australia).Remaining clinically up-to-date is an ongoing challenge. Doctors needed a way to reliably and conveniently stay informed.

Attending conferences can be expensive and topics are often narrowly focused. Reading medical journals is time consuming and will tend to be very “in-depth” but may lack the broader context that comes from clinical experience.

Podcasts seemed the obvious solution. Updates are punchy and brief, and can be listened to within the clinic setting, whilst exercising or in transit.

PodMD began in late 2017, committed to the vision of making knowledge sharing easier, and more collegiate for doctors. Since then, we have been building a library of podcasts across many disciplines. Every month more are created, from doctors across Australia.

Our podcasts are created by doctors, for doctors. All our clinicians are currently practising.

Recordings are produced in an interview style. The intended audience may be specialists, medical practitioners or medical students.

PodMD provides an opportunity for bite-size topics of information, as the clinician requires them. They can be listened to in the comfort of a private setting.

PodMD has been set up to have the functionality to mirror the traditional clinical meeting.

The PodMD project is currently funded by its founders and appropriate industry partners.

We welcome you to contact us and would appreciate your feedback. Help us to drive this initiative forward.

Dr Sean Mackay

Owner and Founder of PodMD
Upper GIT and HPB surgeon

“Technology has transformed modern life in the past couple of decades but there is no doubt that in medicine we are still looking for the best way to integrate information technology into clinical practice. PodMD aims to provide a simple and comprehensive interface to allow doctors to search for relevant and up-to-date information from recognised experts in the field. We hope this will be a useful resource allowing you to stay informed.”

Caroline Chaplin

Owner and Founder of PodMD
Director of RWS

“RWS is delighted to be part of the PodMD initiative. We welcome the opportunity to create this practical, convenient way for doctors to knowledge share and remain up-to-date.”