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PodMD is a medical knowledge-sharing initiative that gives listeners direct access to informative and up-to-date podcasts by medical professionals. It’s a long standing tradition in medicine for doctors to ask colleagues, who are experts in a field, for advice. This is generally brought back to an individual scenario they are currently dealing with. Traditionally from there the doctor will take things forward for the patient on the basis of that additional advice.

Modern work patterns and the enormous growth in the medical/scientific literature have made this collegiate information sharing much more difficult, and the PodMD initiative seeks to help address this issue.

Doctors are increasingly time poor and in danger of becoming isolated from peers, even whilst working right alongside them. Traditional clinical meetings are sometimes difficult to get to and doctors are very uncomfortable to impose on colleagues for advice.

PodMD aims to change this, by providing expert commentary on defined topics, in an accessible format. The aim is to build relationships between clinicians across a variety of disciplines and to foster an effective platform for cooperation and learning.

PodMD lets our listeners hear directly from doctors on a wide range of topics, to quickly gain an understanding of key issues. This knowledge may be applied immediately in day to day patient care, but it may also form part of a doctor’s CME program. PodMD provides something of a second opinion, at the click of a button.

Registration to PodMD is complimentary and 2 podcasts per clinician are created free of charge. Nb: Industry sponsors will incur a fee to cover editing and production costs. Topics are approved by Dr Sean Mackay and his team of advisors.

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